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Agnes P | Marseille + NYC

When I came to Sonja I was totally lost. I had no job, was not happy where I was living, and not sure about what I wanted to do. I felt lonely and stuck. I was stressed, afraid of the future and felt panicked whenever I had to make decisions.

I got so much clarity from working with Sonja. I became less stressed and more calm. I regained my confidence. I now understand more how I function, and how to handle difficult situations, and know I can go through future storms on my own. I have learned to step back and see the answer right in front of my eyes! I’m no longer afraid of the future. I feel stronger, much clearer in my head, and happier.

Katherine H | London + Monaco

Sonja’s approach is unique. She catalyses inner changes which result in outer changes. There are no words to describe the results. By results I mean tangible differences to every area of my life – healthier, more meaningful relationships, a more serene outlook on life, a higher capacity to ride through daily challenges, much less tension, the ability to make changes and to drop unnecessary matters, and the list goes on. Had I made a wish list when I first started, it would have fallen short by a long margin of what I have achieved working with Sonja!

Lisa G | Boston, MA

Before working with Sonja I had been stuck for a very long time. I felt bogged down, frozen, afraid, heavy, harassed, disappointed, exhausted, overwhelmed. I was not enjoying life. It felt like the color, the breath, had gone out of it. I was depressed, buried under bad thoughts, expectations, worry, anxiety. It really felt like there was no hope for my life to be any other way.

This experience had a positive and profound impact on my life. It brought everything to light. Things that loomed, and were stuck on a continuous loop in my head, were bumped off track by exercises, writing, talking, breathing.

I now take smaller bites and smaller steps, what a relief! I have changed my way of thinking and am observant of my thoughts. I hear more clearly the way I talk to myself - not always good. I now know that change can happen quickly - mood, situation, energy level - I know I won't feel this way forever. I have new habits in place. There is movement! I have a new, pleasant and interesting way of looking at things. I’ve gotten farther down the road towards a peaceful existence than I ever expected.

Sarah B | West Sussex, UK

Working with Sonja has given me greater peace of mind and the ability to be less reactive of things happening around me. I am more patient in my relationships, and much less judgmental of myself. I have a more balanced perspective and I take myself much less seriously. I feel more clear, lighter, like a weight has lifted.

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