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There's actually nothing MINI about them. Except that they pack a storehouse of useful, useable (sometimes 1000s-of-years-old) information into a simple, digestible (usually 4-week) format.

The time it takes to go through a course may be mini, but what's covered in it, and its impact on your life? WOW.

Minicourses are practical, re-useable and fun. They combine video and audio content with infosheets, checklists, worksheets and mindset techniques.

They are dreamed up and put together to help you tackle the most chronic and perplexing roadblocks.

Here's a peek at a couple:


A massive clearing out of all the unnecessary, unjoyful, unkind, fear-laden, meaningless "things" you hold on to in your closet, heart, mind. Anything that unnecessarily weighs down your relationships, clogs your spiritual pores and complicates your everyday life. Utter Declutter is a step-by-step, systematic cleaning, emptying, unburdening, unknotting and letting go of what keeps you stuck, stymied and stewing. You can't even imagine what will follow.


Emotions are so much easier to manage than you think. And that's a good thing, because controlling what triggers them (other people, for example) is anything but. Emotional Antidotes are practical easy-to-use mindset shifts aimed at dissolving loneliness, envy, resentment, impatience, frustration, disappointment, neediness, and all those other thorns in your side. You'll start to pin your focus to what you CAN change (your attitude, perspective, reactions) and just roll with it when things don't go your way. So much freedom and ease.

Photo by Amyjoy