And I know all about that junk in your mental trunk – the fear, the frustration. What’s WRONG with me? Why can’t I move forward? I just thought I’d have it more FIGURED OUT by now.

It feels like you're missing some secret magic ingredient that EVERYONE else has.

If only you had it. Life would be easier. Things would be clear. You would finally calm down, STOP doing things that aren't good for you, feel FULFILLED.


I was epically stuck. I tried every kind of therapy, blamed my childhood, my lack of self-esteem, my abandonment issues, my relationships, financial woes, the weather, the city, the planets.

Therapy definitely gave me great awareness, but my thoughts never calmed down. They just kept spinning around in all directions and generating the same fears and insecurities.

Time passed. Habits dug in deeper. I got drunk. Shopped. Dated. Complained. Distracted myself. Tried to stay entertained.

Anything to make life seem rosier, more exciting, more interesting

I kept smiling, playing it cool, but I was slowly, silently TANKING.

Then one day I woke up. It wasn't a flash of insight or a moment of clear vision. I just got really sick of myself, of the needless worry, the self-centered fear, the emotional rollercoaster, the endless mental treadmill.

I quit drinking. Started meditating. Took up Eastern philosophy and psychology – the kind that clears away the bullshit. The kind that points right to the mind as the source of everything we experience.


I finally saw how my way of thinking was sending me into constant emotional turmoil, stress, dissatisfaction, fear, frustration. SUCH A RELIEF. And such a life-changer.

Do I still have neuroses? Hell yes. But I laugh at them. I’m not bullied by them. Life keeps dishing out it’s mix of triumphs and challenges, but I take them all in stride. That’s the difference. I don’t expect a problem-free reality. Neither should you.

This crap moment you are having is here to wake you up.

And if you can see it as something great, then all your emotional baggage transforms from dead weight to a megaton of gunpowder packed firmly into your cannon, and ready to blow your ass clear out into the world.

No one has more capacity for contentment at their disposal than you. But unharnessed it feels a lot more like dead-end frustration.  

We’re going to get you out of this mess. I’m wholeheartedly devoted to it.

My brand of coaching is unorthodox. I’m a certified NLP practitioner, but I throw a whole lot of techniques in the mix. I blend Eastern wisdom and Western street smarts that come from a full lifetime of experiences and studies and mistakes.

I’ve counseled teenagers with tough lives, addicts with deep habits, and everyday people who just feel that constant itch of discomfort, tension and malaise.

Nothing shocks me. I don’t believe the hype. I know it’s all in our heads. Period. 

I am direct, honest, open-minded, and I have ZERO doubt about your capacity to transform.

I know you are a magnificent force of good that this world desperately needs. And I’d be so happy to help pull you across the river to the other side.